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IrelandsEye are delighted to showcase our latest collection. While not all styles are included on this website, you can see all styles listed in the below brochure.
20/21 Collection

Kindred Collection

Aran Classics Collection
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Unfortunately, IrelandsEye are not physically attending Trade Shows in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. Trade Shows have provided IrelandsEye with an invaluable platform to share and distribute our designs and collections with agents and retailers worldwide. We value the relationships we have built at these events and look forward to attending again in the future. In normal circumstances, IrelandsEye exhibit at a number of Trade Shows throughout the year.


* New York’s Best Menswear – New York’s Best Menswear, New York, USA

* Innatex – Hofheim-Wallau, Germany

* Showcase Dublin – Showcase Dublin, Ireland

* CPD Dusseldorf – Showroom Modeagentur R. Lammert, Dusseldorf, Germany

* Toronto Gift & Home Market (Fall) – Toronto Gift & Home Market, Canada

* West Coast Trend – West Coast Trend, Los Angeles, USA


* Southern Clothing Market – Southern Clothing Market, North Carolina, USA

* Fashion Exposed Now – Fashion Exposed Now, Melbourne, Australia

* Supreme Women & Men – Supreme Women & Men, Munich, Germany

* Chicago Collective – Chicago Collective, Chicago, USA


* Boston Collective – Boston Collective, Boston, USA

* Thredz Show – Thredz Show, Toronto, Canada


* Toronto Gift & Home Market (Spring) – Toronto Gift & Home Market, Canada


* Celtic Showcase Secaucus – Celtic Showcase Secaucus, USA

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