“A knitted jumper gives you a feeling of security and cosiness that brings you right back to your childhood.”

Meet Melanie, one of our loyal customers, and find out why IrelandsEye knitwear so special.

Gifting a piece by IrelandsEye

Discover IrelandsEye knitwear through the eyes of a customer

No one knows and loves our knitwear better than our customers and no one shares our vision and our inspiration more than Melanie, who wears our knitwear every day and even has a view of the island of Ireland’s Eye from her window.

An unmistakable sense of place

Inspired by the rugged Howth coastline and the captivating island of Ireland’s Eye, all of our pieces have an unmistakable sense of place. The second you out them on you’ll feel right at home.

A truly personal gift

There’s no better gift for loved ones, especially those living overseas, than something that reminds them of Ireland and reminds them of you. When you gift IrelandsEye knitwear you’re sending them the gift of a little piece of home.

A family heirloom

Knitwear is so much more than an item of clothing, it’s a treasure trove of memories. Many of us have fond childhood memories of a jumper, cardigan, hat or scarf knitted for us by our mums or grandmothers and passed down through the family. They are truly unique, personal and one of a kind, with love woven into every stitch.

Made to treasure, designed to last

All of our garments are made to last a lifetime or even longer. We use stronger, more durable wool and carry out rigorous quality checks to make sure that they will stand the test of time and hopefully, even be passed on to the next generation.