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Bright, vibrant colours and playful stitches bring a fresh and youthful perspective to traditional Irish knitwear

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At IrelandsEye Knitwear, we produce considered pieces using all-natural yarns, adding fresh colours and twists to our designs for every new collection.

A feeling of belonging...

You may already be familiar with Irelands Eye. And if you are, we hope you experience that feeling of belonging when wearing your IrelandsEye garment. An IrelandsEye wool sweater should be a shield from the elements and a shelter from the mundane. It must be supremely comfortable and unforgettably beautiful: a perfect blend of style and function.

The story, the vision, and the mission remains the same as ever: to share a bit of warmth and a feeling of belonging.

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Our Story

Before there was a brand, there was one man in a garage in Dublin, knitting wool sweaters to keep his family warm.