Every Aran Stitch Tells a Story

When you buy an IrelandsEye sweater, you’re buying a piece of Irish heritage, with the story of Ireland woven into each stitch. Each one is made of up to 100,000 stitches and the patterns of these stitches tell the story of life on the islands.

Wrap yourself in a rich Irish tradition

Originated in the early 1900s on the Aran islands, off the west coast of Ireland, Aran knitwear has been made in Ireland for over a hundred years. From fishermen to farmers, generations of Irish people have trusted it to shield them from the merciless sea winds that sweep onto the coast.

Using skills passed down through families and stitches rich in symbolism, Aran tells the unique story of our culture and heritage.

The Diamond Stitch - Wealth

The diamond stitch depicts the shape of the fields which farmers lived and worked on in the Aran islands. This traditional Aran pattern gave hope for wealth and is often paired with the moss stitch.

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The Cable Stitch - Good Luck

The cable stitch is the most common Aran stitch pattern used in Irish knitwear. It represents a fisherman’s ropes and nets and bestows good fortune on the wearer for safety on their journey out at sea, as well as good luck for a bountiful catch. When the cable stitch is interwined, it symbolises the balance between hard work & family life.

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The Honeycomb Stitch - Hard Work

The honeycomb stitch was created to pay homage to the work ethic that bees have. It highlights the importance of hard work and the sweet rewards it carries.

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The Moss Stitch - Nature

The moss stitch, represents good harvest and is often paired with the Diamond stitch. It depicts the Irish moss that grows on stone walls and the carrageen moss, a type of seaweed that grows on the rocks in the ocean & is typically found on the Irish coast. It is used as a food with many nutritional benefits or as fertiliser for Irish farms & fields,

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The Trellis Stitch - Protection

The trellis stitch represents the landscape patterns created by the stone-walled fields which would offer protection against the strong Atlantic winds near the coast and farms in Western Ireland.

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The ZigZag Stitch - Direction

The zigzag stitch symbolises the twisting cliff paths on the Aran islands which lead down to the Atlantic coast. It is sometimes referred to as the stitch of marriage as it represents the peaks and troughs of married life.

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The Lattice Stitch - Abundance

The lattice stitch, also known as the basket stitch represents the basket of the fisherman and the hopes for a good catch. Sweaters with this Aran pattern are often referred to as fisherman's sweaters.

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