• IrelandsEye Knitwear Sustainable Production


    Producing only small quantities of each design and knitting all of our garments to shape ensures that we are limiting the amount of waste in the production of each garment. We thoroughly check each piece to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

    "For every sweater or garment we produce now, 27 different pairs of hands will have worked on that product".

    - Brendan O'Sullivan, Production Director at IrelandsEye Knitwear.

  • IrelandsEye Knitwear Quality Control


    Our factory uses advanced, smart technology to ensure seamless movement of every garment to its designated place at the right time, which minimises errors.

    We have a robust quality control process in place which ensures that all garments are inspected thoroughly before they leave our factory. We want to make sure the garment you receive is absolutely perfect!

IrelandsEye Knitwear Backwinding Machine

Backwinding Machines

We use backwinding machines to unwind any garments that don't reach our quality standards, this means that none of our garments ever go to waste.

The re-spun yarn is then donated to social enterprises and local community knitting groups, where it's used to make blankets, hats and scarfs for charities and people in need.