Collection: Aran Classics Collection

We’ve brought Aran right up to date with our new Aran Classics Collection. Fresh stitches, a vibrant colour palette and the softest Merino wool, all woven together with our unique design magic, adds up to a contemporary look and feel that suits today’s lifestyle.


We have been making Aran sweaters here in Ireland since 1988.

  • Are Aran sweaters itchy?
  • How should an Aran sweater fit?
  • Are IrelandsEye Aran sweaters made in Ireland?
  • Can Aran sweaters be washed?
  • Do Aran sweaters run big?
  • Are Aran sweaters warm?
Are Aran sweaters itchy?

No! IrelandsEye Knitwear pieces are not itchy! We use 100% Merino wool which is a 100% natural yarn without any harsh chemicals meaning that they will provide the ultimate comfort for the wearer.

How should an Aran sweater fit?

Our aran sweaters for women (Blasket, Fearnog and Cuileann) are all unisex styles, this means that the sweaters will have a longer length than a standard womens fit and we recommend sizing down.

Aran sweaters for men are a slim fit, we recommend you size up for a more relaxed, generous fit.

Are IrelandsEye Aran sweaters made in Ireland?

Yes, we make and design our aran sweaters in our factory in Ireland. We have maintained the traditional Aran Irish craft while adding our own modern twist to it and every piece we make is created with love and hand finished with care by our talented team.

Can Aran sweaters be washed?

We advise not to wash your aran knit sweaters after every wear. Simply airing out your garments will be enough to keep them fresh, they are specially designed with durable yarn that is breathable, doesn't absorb odours, and has self cleansing properties. However, we have created a 3 step hand washing guide and video tutorial for when your aran sweaters need to be refreshed. Learn how to hand wash and Aran sweater

Do Aran sweaters run big?

Our Aran sweaters for men (Blasket, Fearnog and Cuileann) are a slim fit, the garment may feel snug at first, but the fibres loosen once given a gentle stretch. For men, for more relaxed, generous fit we recommend sizing up.

Aran sweaters for women are a unisex style, so the length is longer than a standard women’s fit, we recommend sizing down. 

Are Aran sweaters warm?

Yes, our Aran sweater are made from 100% Merino wool. Merino wool provides the ultimate comfort throughout all seasons as it helps to regulate body temperature to keep you warm.